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Not really using this much, anymore. Also not really writing fan fiction anymore. Working on a lot of original romance and erotic romance fiction, but I'm not really comfortable exposing or advertising my works to my fandom-self's past. If you're really interested, PM me.

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aimee mann, alice, apples, art, artificial joy club, autumn, baths, coffee, creating, creme brulee, daniel lanois, dark chocolate, dogs and cats living together, drawing, e-books, e-readers, fierceness, fire, frou frou, heirloom tomatoes, imitate a cat puking, imogen heap, incredible music, infected mushroom, inner darkness, inner peace, inspiration, intimacy, jace everett, joni mitchell, joy, kawai pianos, kevin gilbert, lain, leaving you behind, magic, making espresso, monsters, moving, music, my 6'1 grand piano, myself, okgo, orgasmic laughter, original fiction, paolo conte, performing, phoebe snow, piano tuning and regulation, pj harvey, poe, puppies, rain, raw honesty, reading, real love, reality, recording, self knowledge, shadows, shigeru kawai, solitude, songwriting, sorrow, soul, soup, spirit, strawberries, taraf de haidouks, tarot, tea, therapy, toe socks, tom waits, trashy novels, true beauty, truth and spark, velveteen rabbit, wacom, water, well-written fanfic, well-written smut, whole health, whole spanish olives, womanhood, wood, writing, zombie dreams
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