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Since I'm doing more blogging here than anything while I work on my original novel, I figured I'd leave this "sticky" up here at the top of my page for anyone who's just here for the fic. Note - If you're accessing this from LiveJournal, the links will take you to the same stories on my DreamWidth account. Hope you enjoy, and remember, feedback is love!

The Wait - A WIP Time-Turner fic, based on my first real stab at fanfic. Finally back up and running!

Silence Speaks - A Sirius/Hermione fic about growing up at any age.

For A Price - A Sirius/Hermione fic written for the 2009 [profile] hermione_smut exchange!

The Switch - A Sirius/Marlene PWP oneshot with lots of BDSM naughtiness!

The Light at the End - my first completed multi-chapter fic, featuring Sirius and Hermione!

Muggle Games - A Hermione/Sirius one-shot.

Just Friends - a Viktor/Hermione one-shot for the Granger Enchanted FQF-challenge.

Giving In - a Hermione/Sirius 2-part fic written for the Granger Enchanted FQF-challenge!

Truth of Feelings - a Hermione/Sirius multi-chap/long-fic written for the bigbangblackout.

Drabble Challenge - An ever-growing archive of Sirius/Hermione-centric drabbles/ficlets, 1000 words or less!

The LJ hermionesirius 30 Candles Challenge! - several ficlets and drabbles and stories inspired by a number of prompts celebrating Hermione's 30th birthday. (banner by calistokerrigan and jadecharmer)

Unlocked - A multi-chaptered Sirius/Hermione fic written for the hermionebigbang of 2009.

(above banners created by the lovely and talented calistokerrigan!)

I'm desperate - please help! (- Disby from LJ)

Date: 2016-05-03 11:14 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you so much for this... Not sure if you heard - is gone! It's great that people like you have created other archives but unfortunately this particular fic is not to be found anywhere online - Sirius de Bergerac by Gregor. By any form of miracle, do you happen to have a copy of this fic... (I noticed that you have recced this story in couple of places). I'm basically clutching at straws here but any help will do...


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